Classical Medley

Classical Medley

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Great Family Reunion hosted a our very first live in-studio performance on December 6th, 2017 at Mighty Fine Production Studios in Denver, CO. The collective is beyond excited to debut our newest collection of promotional videos. We relish any opportunity to showcase our stable of phenomenal musicians, and powerhouse singers. we’ve now expanded our network to include home bases in New York City and Los Angeles, California. We’re more thrilled than ever to be the provider of premier live music, sound, and production for an array of clients nationwide.

Founded in Denver, CO, Great Family Reunion is operated and managed by Jordan Linit & Jonathan “Skippy” Huvard. Our musical family is comprised of only the most talented musicians, supported by a professional, experienced production staff. Great Family Reunion guarantees unforgettable performances that absolutely exceed any and all expectations. Our ensembles entertains audiences worldwide, directly from the stage at Red Rocks and Ryman Auditorium straight to you. ALL our lineups are ready and available for both national and international travel. We’d love to connect about your next festival, private party, wedding, corporate or special event.

Great Family Reunion’s classical ensemble Por La Paz is absolutely captivating. Led by Colorado Symphony Violinist Adrienne Short, Por La Paz is a wonderful musical centerpiece or addition to any event. Need a beautiful string trio for your wedding or corporate event? Por La Paz provides a delicate performance, with grace and precision. Great Family Reunion and Por La Paz can’t wait to electrify your audience. Come hear what we’re all about!

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Great Family Reunion

Por La Paz:
Adrienne Short (Violin/ Musical Director)
Charles Mertens (Upright Bass)
Jordan Linit (Guitar)

Produced By:
Jonathan Huvard (Great Family Reunion INC)
Jordan Linit (Great Family Reunion INC)

Audio Recorded & Mixed By:
Kyle Zender

Video Recorded & Edited By:
Jackson Gould

Performed by:
Por La Paz (Great Family Reunion)
Mighty Fine Productions Studio
Denver Colorado
December 6th, 2017

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