Por La Paz

Our modern classical ensemble – “Por La Paz” is a genre defying classical trio. The band holds a deep regard for the classics, while at the same time implement precise, extraordinary, contemporary performances that truly delight their audiences.

Music is the great connector of all beings in the world. The rhythm of our collective heart beats can be heard, and felt around the globe. Harmony and melody exists within the air we breathe, the food we eat, the languages we speak. “Por La Paz” translates to English as “For Peace”.

This exquisite trio is comprised of Jordan Linit (Guitar), Charles Parker Mertens (Bass), & Adrienne Short (Violin). All three are masters of their respective instruments. Collectively they have spent years of study not only in the conservatories of North America and Europe, but with master players in the hills of India to the deserts of Morocco. Their versatility knows no bounds, their sound no borders. They have traveled to the farthest reaches of the planet. “Por La Paz” treats audience members to a whirlwind tour around the universe. Come on a journey with us!


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