Great Family Dance Bands

Truly, the city that never sleeps; NYC embodies the exquisite nature of our collective human spirits. People from all walks of life have for generations felt the immense gravitational pull of this tremendous city. Creativity, inspiration, and freedom of expression is valued and cherished. Great Family Reunion NYC (GFR NYC) approaches every event with these values in mind. We help craft and execute each client’s unique vision and then deliver an absolutely unforgettable performance from start to finish.

GFR NYC based in Brooklyn, NY and is co-produced/directed by musician extraordinaire David Lizmi (George Ezra, MS MR, Sondre Lerche, Fun. appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and SNL) and Kai Sandoval (RIPE).We’ve assembled a world class team of musicians and production staff, many of whom boast some of the most impressive resumes in the music industry. Our Music Director works directly between the clients and the band to curate one of a kind, phenomenal performances for each aspect of your event.

We’re honored and excited to have home bases in both New York City and Denver. Both regions boast an almost unparalleled level of musical talent and it’s been incredible to grow our collective of world class players and ensembles here in Brooklyn. Check out what all the hype is about- we can’t wait to exceed your expectations!

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